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This habit should be avoided by pregnant women

The health of the fetus is very dependent on the health of the mother. If the mother adopts a healthy lifestyle, naturally the baby’s growth and development will be maximal. Conversely, if pregnant women have bad habits, the health of the fetus can be affected. So, what are the habits that should not be done while pregnant? You can consult it to Gynae Clinic Singapore.

To achieve a healthy life, bad habits need to be avoided, especially for expectant mothers. Because the habit is not only bad for the mother but also the fetus in the womb. Here are some habits that seem trivial, which is actually not good to do while pregnant.

1. Sit too long
A pregnant woman shouldn’t be exhausted, that’s why she needs to rest more. However, that does not mean pregnant women have reason to be lazy to move. Although it seems trivial, it turns out the habit of sitting too long should be avoided by pregnant women. A study conducted by the University of Warwick showed an association between pregnant women, depression, and long sitting habits. The research team explained that depressive symptoms were more prone to occur in pregnant women who often sat or slept for long periods. Sitting or lying down for a long time can cause anxiety and stress for pregnant women. For example, sitting still can make a pregnant woman feel lonely, afraid of childbirth, or anxious about changes in her body. Depression that attacks pregnant women is not only bad for mental health but also disrupts the development of the baby in the womb. The reason is, depressed people will be overwhelmed with feelings of sadness, guilt, and can not enjoy activities that were once loved. If left unchecked, food cravings can worsen. As a result, the nutrients needed will not be fulfilled and ultimately inhibit the development of the body of the fetus.

2. Standing too long

In addition to not being able to sit too much, pregnant women should not be standing too long. “Some pregnant women who stand for long periods of time, especially during the last trimester, are prone to back pain and swelling in the legs,” explained Jilda Hutcherson, MD, a gynecologist at Columbia University Medical Center. In addition, standing too long can also make pregnant women get tired quickly. So, so as not to become a bad habit for pregnant women, take time to sit. You can also give a gentle foot massage. If this is work-related, consult with your supervisor or manager about your pregnancy to be given relief.

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