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Tips for Caring for a Fish Pond at Home to Keep it Clean

For fish lovers, having an outdoor fish pond at home can be a calming thing. Moreover, having this fish pond element can provide a special attraction for residents or guests who come to visit. If you have succeeded in creating a beautiful outdoor fish pond that is your dream, it is no less important than enjoying it is caring for it to keep it looking beautiful. The first thing you can do to take care of an outdoor fish pond is seemingly trivial. Feeding too many fish can cause the pond water to become dirty and cloudy. Give your fish enough food so that no food is left stagnating in the pond water.

When you have an outdoor fish pond, you must pay attention to the air circulation in the pond. Good air circulation will help the fish move and swim more actively and freely. If you have plants around the fish pond area, there must be times when the plants fall off and fall into the pond. Why is that? If the loss is not collected quickly, the thing that is feared is that the decay will occur from the loss itself. This rot can interfere with the health of the fish and also make pond water tend to be dirty and cloudy. Your fish-pond will look prettier with the plants around it. Besides being beautiful, this plant can increase oxygen production and shade the pool area. However, including too many plants is also not recommended. This can endanger the fish because the amount of oxygen is drastically reduced at night.

The thing that is no less important in caring for a fish pond is draining it. This activity is recommended to be done about once a week. When it is draining the pond, it is better if the fish are moved to another place first. In addition to simplifying the process of draining the pond, this can also prevent the fish from becoming stressed and disturbed by the draining process.

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