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Types Of Fur Rugs Make Home More Comfortable

Carpet can be an additional decoration in the house. However, usually, the unpleasant thing is when the carpet is dirty and we have trouble cleaning it. To clean it, we can use the services of Ultra Brite Carpet Tile Cleaning.

Fur carpet itself has many types. Each type has different characteristics and treatments. Come on, recognize the types to choose the right fur rug for the house.

1. Wool carpet as a favorite fur rug
This carpet has a thick, soft, and warm texture. Therefore, this carpet is very suitable for use in the bedroom or family room. If you have a toddler, he will be more comfortable playing on this carpet. Wool carpet also has strong durability and not easy to get dirty. It does not need to be cleaned every day. Simply use the dry cleaning washing service every six months.

2. Silk rugs for a more exclusive home look
If you have more budget and put beauty first, silk rugs are the right carpet. Making this carpet requires a long time and a difficult process. Having it at home will make your home more beautiful and exclusive.

However, the advantages of silk carpet do not lie in its appearance alone. This carpet is also very comfortable to use because it has a soft and cool texture. It also can muffle the sound and absorb ultraviolet rays that enter the house.

3. Viscose fur rugs have silk quality but at affordable prices
Viscose carpets are synthetic carpets that have a silk-like appearance and texture. Therefore, this carpet will make the house comfortable and look beautiful at the same time! This carpet is also very suitable for you who have a limited budget. The price is not as expensive as silk but still has the quality needed.

4. Polypropylene rugs are easy to clean
Polypropylene carpet is a synthetic fur carpet that has an affordable price. This carpet is perfect for you who have toddlers at home. Because he is easy to clean and dry quickly when exposed to water. So, you don’t need to worry if a child spills a stain.

5. A very strong nylon carpet
Nylon rugs include synthetic carpets with very strong durability. These carpet fibers are not easily separated, the color is quite durable even though it has been used for several years. With this durability, this carpet can be used for various rooms. It is also easy to clean so you don’t need to worry if you use it in the kitchen.

Moreover, this carpet has the softest texture among other types of carpet. Therefore, this carpet is very suitable to be placed in the bedroom, family room, or children’s playroom.
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