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Types Of Wireless Headphones, Peek At The Advantages And Disadvantages

Wireless headphones using connections like Bluetooth are becoming more and more rampant. Present to support the necessities of life, wireless headphones have many types. Wireless headphones are usually chosen. They are practical because they don’t need to be bothered by the presence of dangling cables and also one type of headphones that dont leak sound. This one device comes in various designs, sizes, and of course functions.

1. Wireless headphones neckband If you look at the name, you must have imagined right, if this type of thing supports a rope or cable as a connector and connector for each earbud. The cable will wrap around the user’s neck, but only at the back.

• Easy to use
• Doesn’t give you a headache like big headphones
• Can still be hung on the neck when not in use, won’t disappear quickly
• Suitable for various conditions such as in public transportation, the office, to sports

• Less minimalist design
• Must be extra careful in caring for and storing

2. Wireless on-ear headphones
The shape and design are like regular headphones, but there is no cable connection to plug into the 3.5mm audio jack. When users wear these headphones, the pads or speakers fit in the ears, not the ones that completely cover the ears.

• Comfortable to use
• The sound is believed to be maximum and louder
• It’s fun to ‘immerse’ in music while on the move
• Still okay to use in public places

• Must be cleaned frequently so that dust or dirt does not stick
• Takes up a lot of space
• It takes time to find the right design or according to taste

3. Wireless over-ear headphones
At first glance, these headphones are similar to on-ear headphones, but the difference is that they are much bigger, especially in the ear section, which covers our ears as a whole.

• Typically more advanced features such as hi-fidelity sound and noise cancellation
• Focus on listening to music
• Stronger boom

• Large size, less compact
• Prices can be more expensive
• Must be cleaned frequently

4. True wireless headphones (TWS)
Here are the latest headphones that are trending everywhere. Unlike other wireless headphones, TWS does not have any cables to connect each earbud.

• Easy to use
• Minimalism
• Usually packaged in a charging case that is powered by its battery
• Can be noise canceling and can be adjusted by touch control

• Often considered too small, so easy to lose
• Prices tend to be expensive

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