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Interest rates affect the exchange rate of a country’s currency. So when the interest rate in a country increases, the country’s currency will also get stronger because there is a flow of investment funds into the country. Meanwhile, if the interest rate decreases, the country’s currency will also weaken. These fluctuations in interest rates can trigger price fluctuations in the forex market, whether related to currency or gold trading. With the forex market that can be used for online gold trading, now investors are no longer investing in gold conventionally which requires more attention and costs. But the advantages of trading gold on forex http://www.cnie.org/highleverage/market-execution-brokers-with-high-leverage.html also save risks. It takes good knowledge and steel determination to be successful in doing gold trading business in the forex market.

Most people who still have a classic mindset tend to make gold their main investment choice. However, not a few are confused about how to start a good gold investment. You don’t need to be confused, because in principle gold investment starts from buying gold, storing it, and selling it again when the gold price rises, so you get a profit. In certain countries, gold is still seen as a symbol of wealth, so the demand for physical gold in the form of coins and bars remains high. India and China, for example, are known as countries with the largest source of gold demand in the world. Apart from the affordable price of gold, the liquid is also good, aka easy to sell when needed. This is why many of them chose this method. In a period, for example, 3-5 years, they sell the gold, and usually, the price has gone up.

In this way, investors can benefit from this physical gold investment. Apart from that, some investors take advantage of gold for long-term savings, such as for going to Hajj or sending their children abroad. The downside of this type of investment is that you need to have a place of storage and insurance to secure your gold assets. Of course, some costs are not cheap. Because storing in a safe deposit box or safe still has to pay a rental fee.

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