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Various Types Of Gold Investments You Need To Know

Out there, there are many investment options, investing in gold is one of them. For a long time, gold investment was the choice of many people. Gold is a very promising investment vehicle. Gold investment is more profitable than savings and bank deposits. In gold investment, there are various types of investments to choose from going here.

– Gold Jewelry
Gold jewelry is not appropriate if used as a short-term investment choice. For short-term investments, gold jewelry is not too promising profit. The reason is, when buying gold jewelry, someone not only pays the price of gold but also discusses the cost of making it. Usually, if someone sells back to a gold shop, the store is reluctant to pay the cost of making it. So, the gold shop will only pay the price of gold alone. Therefore, investment in gold in the form of jewelry will be more profitable if the long-term goal because the price of gold has increased many times. Also, choose 24-carat gold jewelry because the possibility of profits will be far greater.

– Gold bar
Gold bars or commonly referred to as precious metal gold is the best and safest gold investment choices. Gold bars / precious metals will be easier to resell compared to gold jewelry. If you want to invest in gold, this option is worth considering.

– Gold coins
This investment is the same as other gold investments because it has a price that follows the price of foreign currency (US dollar), and is safe against inflation. What is the difference between gold coins and gold bars? Gold coins have a legal tender status produced by the government.

Gold coins have different designs on each side and usually change from year to year. Generally, each gold coin has a face value of the gold and the year of manufacture is one side and purity and weight on the other side.

– Gold certificate
Gold investment is not always in physical form, it can also be in the form of a gold certificate. A Gold Certificate is a piece of paper that is proof of ownership of gold stored in a bank in a country. Gold certificates are a profitable and safe investment alternative because one does not need to pay a gold deposit fee, in contrast to physical gold investment that requires a deposit fee in a safe deposit box at the bank.

– Gold Mining Company Stocks
If the state of the gold market is going up, usually the company’s stock price will move up faster than the physical gold price. Although profitable, you should still be careful because the risk of investing in these shares still exists.

Gold Futures Contracts With the help of information and communication technology, gold can be traded as a commodity in the futures trading market. One does not need to hold physical gold but only needs to have proof of ownership.

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