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What Are the Symptoms of Overheating?

If the radiator or cylinder head is damaged, there may be a leak in the cooling system. If you are experienced enough with cars such as mobile tyre fittings essex, then check the radiator, engine block, or cylinder head near the gasket for leaks. On the other hand, if you don’t understand, you can take your car to the nearest repair shop and ask them to do a pressure test for the cooling system. This check is easy and maybe done for free. If the radiator is just low on fluid and you can fill it up, this is fine. Fill it up and move on. If the water in the radiator looks out of place, don’t start the car. If it can run again, it’s better to turn off the air conditioner to reduce engine work. Turn on the heater to reduce engine heat. Run the car stably. If help is easy to come by, you can ask for a tow truck instead of having to drive it.

Engine temperature is monitored through indicators on the instrument panel. Usually in the form of analog instructions with the letters C (Cold) and H (Hot). But the majority of new cars now, no longer use that model. The indicator is just a green and red light. Of course, various signs must be monitored while driving to find out if there is a problem. For analog models, the engine is hot when the pointer has exceeded the center limit. For lamp models, the letter H glows red. When all that is visible, immediately pull over the car and turn off the engine. When the indicator shows the engine is hot, there are no suspicious signs while it is running. But if it continues to be forced, some symptoms can arise. Machines that used to work fine, are getting rougher and less powerful. There are even those that get excessive knocking and the engine power drops drastically. Air conditioning (AC) is suddenly not cold. Some vehicles apply a safety system to disconnect some components that burden the engine.

The more forced, the engine can die and immediately crash. The temperature around the engine is certainly very hot and smoke comes out. Do not immediately open the radiator cap and add water until the temperature drops. The result can be fatal to you. Machines can be seriously damaged. Bent cylinder heads and cracked cylinder blocks are the most common. Dismounting a machine that costs a lot of money is a must.

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