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What events led to the creation of King Kong?

Suby: I’ve occasionally had to work with various digital agencies throughout my professional career. I became aware that there was a great need in the market for a digital agency that concentrated on REAL results when I noticed that so many people only spoke about ethereal metrics (such as rankings, impressions, traffic, click-through rates, and time on site). There were no organizations that worked on the premise that you could put $1 in and get $3, $5, or $10 out, depending on the situation. Read more about King Kong agency reviews from their clients on the internet.

I saw a chance to launch an agency full of professionals that were genuinely business-savvy, understood unit economics, and could effectively use sales and marketing to help firms expand. King Kong was so created. By eliminating vanity metrics, utilizing true ROI, and only charging for success, we are filling a market gap for real outcomes and changing the digital marketing industry.

Without a doubt, it has. Many of the businesses on that list have gotten in touch with us to congratulate us, and we are currently in talks about working together. We’ve also received a lot of other leads as a result of being on a list that is so widely known and reliable.

As a consequence of a phone call I received while working as a sales and marketing consultant at a company that sold Google AdWords, I launched my first company during my time in college.

When a client called, they expressed their desire to appear in the left-hand column of organic search results rather than the right-hand column with the advertising. Can you accomplish that? I replied “yes,” being a salesperson. I told my company’s leader as soon as I hung off the phone. He just stated that since they didn’t provide that service, I would have to figure out how to do it myself.

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