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What Is Used In Dry Cleaning Technique

Dry clean is a professional service provided by laundry businesses to wash their customers’ clothes, especially for washing clothes made from soft or formal clothing such as formal suits owned by customers. If you use the service of Lavanderia then you could get your clean clothes without a hassle.

But why is it called dry clean? Because washing activities with this method do not use water, but it does not mean the washing process is completely dry. Just like the general washing process, clothes to be carried out for the dry cleaning process are checked first for any stains that must be overcome, and if there are then the stain removal process is carried out first by using appropriate chemicals. After that, it is put into the washing machine, and specifically for dry cleaning, this washing process uses a solvent liquid such as perchloroethylene which is sprayed to all parts of the clothes during the washing process and then dried.

If you pay attention, there are many brands of dry cleaning machines on the market. But in general, the principles and functions are the same. A dry cleaning machine is a cleaning machine that uses a rotating motor and can usually accommodate 9 to 45 kg of clothes in a single washing process in a hollow stainless steel container. As long as the clothes rotate in this dry cleaning machine, there is a constant flow of solvent liquid released through the pump and filter system. And during this process, many things happen to clothes that are being washed. Not only soaking clothes, but this solvent liquid also functions to remove impurities from the clothes with the help of vibration and rotation of the engine turning motor. Then the loose dirt will enter the filter system, and get stuck there. So that the filtered solvent liquid will be re-sprayed into the container containing the clothes. This process continues until the washing process is completed.

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