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When You Feel Life Is Unfair

When you feel down, when you are in difficult times and feel that life is not fair to you, you just need to believe and confirm the belief that you are in a process. The process by which you will grow into a greater and better person. Try making a prayer request and asking for strength from God so that you become stronger. Indeed this will not be easy, but hopefully some of these reasons can be your motivation prayer for quick healing!

1. Remember That You Are Not The Most Suffering People
Believe me bro, that negative thoughts come from yourself and these negative thoughts will make your life more difficult to live. Happiness is just a matter of changing your perspective and way of thinking, bro.
Try also to remember that your thoughts and emotions will only be filled with negative energy when you constantly think and regret what happened. When in fact you can find good lessons from the bad things that you have experienced. Believe me, you are not the person who suffers the most, there are many even very many people who are more difficult than you.

2. Help Yourself
OK maybe you live in limitations, failure after failure often you experience in life. But bro, try for a moment to take your time to think with a cool head. Can your current condition be changed? If you believe that you can change it, try to make peace with yourself and try to do whatever it takes to change it if you really can. Act, not regret and blame the situation. Because you are not going anywhere, if you do not act.

3. Do Not Blame The State
Everything that happens in your life nothing happens by accident, bro. It could be that when you experience a lot of problems and your life seems messy, maybe the cause is because you are not careful, not careful, lazy, careless or you can not put yourself. Try asking yourself again, is it worth it if you blame the situation?

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