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When You Need Professional AC Service?

In some cases, AC is not cold but operates normally. But the cold air cannot be felt, only a gust of wind from the blower (indoor). This problem that can be fixed with the help of englewood air conditioning service can occur due to several reasons such as the following:

Compressor not working. In this problem, what often occurs is that the outdoor fan turns, but the compressor doesn’t work. To determine whether the compressor is working or not, you can try two methods, namely checking the electric current through the compressor and the refrigerant pressure in the pipe.

To check the current through the compressor, use ampere pliers, then pinch one of the wires that go into the compressor (can be positive or negative). Next, adjust the measurement results to the standard electric current on the AC unit. Once you know the compressor is not working, follow these steps to fix it.

Check the mains voltage. Check the compressor capacitor, is it still good, or has been damaged. If damaged, replace it with a new capacitor of the same size. Check the external overload motor protector piece, is it still working or not. If damaged, replace it with a similar component. Check the cables and electrical sockets on the outdoor section, whether there are broken cables or sockets. The solution, repair the cable connection and power socket.

Check the rotation of the outdoor fan, if the rotation is slow or weak, it means the fan capacitor is weak. Change capacitor quickly. Check fan rotation by hand, easy or not. If not, it means that the outdoor fan bearing is stuck or ‘dragged’. Change the fan bearing immediately. If not immediately addressed, the compressor will quickly overheat because it does not get optimal cooling so the overload will cut off the flow to the compressor.

If the above conditions are reasonable. Finally, check the condition of the compressor. If damaged, immediately replace the compressor.

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