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Why Construction Project Have Bigger Risk Of Corruption

Corruption in the government body is hard to prevent, harder to expose. One of the biggest scandals regarding the matter is Petrobras, a state-owned oil enterprise corruption scheme involving at least two of the presidents of the country and hundreds of influential people in politics and business. 18 companies involved and most of them are construction companies. The biggest construction and engineering company, Odebrecht, has to face the consequences because the leader now sentenced 19 years of prison. While vitor, the chairman of Camargo Correa decided to step down from his potion after ten years leading the company.

As a result of this case, the country is estimated to suffer losses of up to the US $2.5 billion. This is why state-owned enterprises and other business actors to apply the principles of good corporate governance to prevent this from happening again. Besides, more strict supervision is needed in projects handled by the government, especially projects that are directly related to the public interest. Whereas a large project was undertaken by a state-owned company should have a more service perspective to the community. Infrastructure projects have become one of the favorites in corruption. The modes that are used either in the regions and the center are relatively the same, one of which reduces the specifications of materials and buildings.

Sometimes the projects are fictitious, sometimes they are not finished, but the money has been spent, or projects that are not needed by the community, such as building bridges, but built-in places where people have never passed. There is many reasons that made construction projects prone to corruption. The first reason, because the budget disbursed for infrastructure is indeed large, can reach millions or even billions of dollars. Besides, infrastructure projects are relatively more complex than other procurement projects. In a sense, infrastructure development often involves many transactions and many parties. As a result, many loopholes are open to corruption.

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