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Why You Need To Maintain Your Child’s Health

Spending time playing outside with friends is more than enough for the child’s physical activity. Sweating and laughing with friends is a very good thing to support the growth and physical health of children. Parents should ensure that children do not spend most of their time relaxing in front of the television or video games. You can also include children at sports clubs or other physical-related exiles, such as dance studio, martial arts, and so forth. On weekends, you can also invite them to take part in activities such as a leisurely walk or a fun bike that is very often held on holiday.

Apply adequate rest and sleep time to your child. Children need 9-13 hours of sleep, depending on their age. When sleeping, the body will recharge and regenerate. Adequate sleep will help the growth and productivity of children, as well as assist the physical and mental development of children.

Lack of rest time in children can cause some problems such as lack of attention at school/learning time, daytime sleepiness, lethargic body, and so on. For that parent should pay attention to the child’s sleep patterns to support the growth and development of children’s health.

Also make sure children get nutritious lunches, supplemented with essential vitamins and minerals for children. Some schools provide lunch for children. However, it is better if you provide a child’s lunch package from home because you most know what is needed by your child. Limit the children’s snacks at school because the various snacks can not be guaranteed cleanliness and health. So it is with dinner. Time is time to spend time with family. Try to have dinner together, so you can interact with your child as well as pay attention to their eating patterns and habits.

In addition to some important points above, parents should also teach children about common health factors such as maintaining hygiene, washing hands with soap, regular toothbrush before bed, etc. to avoid infection and bacteria. Familiarizing these things with children early on is very important for children, so they are aware of and know how to maintain health.

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