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With Windows 10’s Password Protected Folders, Bid Adieu to Noisy Roommates

Everyone has experienced it. When you get home from a long day at work, you discover that your inquisitive roommate, sibling, or significant other has been looking through your private documents. To put it mildly, it’s an invasion of privacy, but happily, Windows 10 has your back with its password protect folder in windows 10.

The days of stowing away your documents in a secret folder labeled “tax returns” are long gone (as if anyone would ever think that!). Instead, your files will be shielded from prying eyes with Windows 10’s password-protected folders so that you can relax.

How precisely do you make a password-protected folder in Windows 10? Unexpectedly, it’s easy. You only need to right-click the folder you wish to secure, choose “Properties,” and then select “Advanced.” Then, to secure data, check the box next to “Encrypt contents” and click “OK.” Voila! A password has been set to block your folder.

Naturally, there are other considerations besides securing your documents from a curious roommate. Protecting your private data from online criminals is another concern. More than ever, it’s crucial to keep your files secure due to increased internet threats. That is possible with Windows 10’s password-protected folders.

If you forget your password, what happens then? Rest assured that Windows 10 has you covered in that regard as well. You can quickly resume viewing your files if you only follow the instructions for changing your password.

You might be asking, “Why not just use a password manager to save all my passwords?” That is undoubtedly a possibility, though. However, a password-protected folder offers a level of security that not even the greatest password manager can. Having your private folder is also just plain entertaining!

No more nosy neighbors, cybersecurity concerns, or “tax returns” files. The password-protected folders included with Windows 10 are here to help!

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