About Me

Hi My name is Dave Brittgildow and I am the founder, owner and editor at Minehillsch.In this fast-paced era, how to get money from the internet is nothing new. But only a few know. Some of them are very promising and are more than just for increasing your allowance. Even from getting money on the internet this can be used as a steady income. And that is exactly what I do right now and I made this blog to help you to get the benefit of it too!

I do not need to explain again what kind of capital is needed to start engaging in this online business, which is a minimum you must have internet access and a device that can be connected to a network of PCs, laptops or even just with a smartphone capital. So what are the types of online work that can be done?

If I want to mention everything, there will certainly be no end to write on this page even though it is in the hundreds of pages. This is arguably the easiest for a beginner to share in the experience of making money from the internet, you can do with an advertising program on a website or blog. If you’ve ever visited a blog, surely you will find ad space on your blog or website. That is indeed one effective way to get money online.

In the USA, most blogs or websites are registered in the Google Adsense program, which is an advertising program owned by Google. Where publishers can get income from clicks on Google Adsense ads on their blogs. Well, this program is called Pay Per Click (PPC), where the publisher will be paid every click made by the website or blog visitor. The cost per click ad has been determined in advance by the Advertiser (advertiser) with the bidding system. Besides Google Adsense, many other companies offer opportunities to publishers to earn money from their sites. So, this blog will be filled with that kind of information that you need in making money without needing to leave your home.