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5 These Ways Can Make Your Dreams Become Musicians Realized

For you who have always been a hobby of listening to music, of course, you are very interested in cultivating a profession in this field. It’s never too late! Even though you’re in high school or even studying, if you want to pursue your dream of becoming a musician, you can! You can even get started by joining the https://joesolo.com/!

Check out the methods right now.

1. Diligently write lyrics and make melody

You could say this is the basis of being a good musician. Practice expressing your heart’s content by frequently writing song lyrics. Even though it’s not perfect, just keep going. Over time your ability will be honed.

While writing the song lyrics, try making the melody too. You can use a cellphone to record the notes if you suddenly get an idea.

2. Practice appearing in public

This may be one of the rather difficult exercises, especially if you are shy. But don’t worry, all the time you will get used to it. Try to submit yourself to appear on campus or music events. Frequent contests and auditions are also a great way to get rid of stage fright.

3. Often watch live performances of musicians

Even though you enjoy watching concerts or music festivals, but when you decide to become a musician, there are other things you should pay attention to besides enjoying the stage acts of your favourite musicians. First, learn how they mastered the stage. Then, also pay attention to the way the musician communicates with the audience, the energy channelled, and how they handle it when a technical error occurs.

4. Look at musician interviews

Maybe this one tip sounds weird. But actually, you know a lot of things you can learn from seeing interviews of a musician because usually, they will issue advice for young musicians to be successful. Also, learn their music journey.

Understand that even the biggest band or musician must overcome many obstacles before he can finally become successful. Make their life and career stories motivate you to make your dreams come true!

5. Be diligent in uploading performance on social media

In the old days, you could say the only way to become a musician was to send music demos to labels. Luckily there are now many ways to show your talent.

Among them is to upload your appearance videos frequently on social media or media sharing. The video can be a cover of a famous song, or a song that you created yourself. This method is highly recommended because it is easy and efficient in terms of cost and time.

Well, if many people like your appearance, there may be many offers to fill the event or appear in cafes.

There are also many ways to realize the dream of becoming a musician. The most important thing is to keep trying and don’t be discouraged. May your dreams be realized quickly!

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